8.06.21 – Rescheduling Issues Part VII: Forced Double-Ups

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rescheduling Issues Part VII: Forced Double-Ups

We recently sent out a hotline about “tagging” or forced double-ups. This provision would apply to both Reserve Flight Attendants as well as Lineholders in normal situations. However, when we find the company unable to cover flying due to IROPS, legal and available inbound Reserve Flight Attendants may be given additional flying at the end of their assignments under JCBA Section 12.M.3. This provision should be used after the base is out of Reserves and there are no out-of-base reserves to utilize.

The notification of additional flying must be given prior to the last debrief of the last segment of their trip. As a reminder, positive contact is made by an FSM meeting the flight, an ACARS message, or a phone call from crew scheduling/tracking. A gate agent may advise that crew scheduling has called but may not give the rescheduling assignment. A voice mail is not positive contact. The company has communicated that we are not to use electronic devices while passengers are on board. This includes boarding and deplaning. The mixed signals we are receiving from the company are confusing and often lead to baseless missed trips. If you have received a missed trip, late report, or points due to rescheduling attempts, please complete the Rescheduling Issue Report Form on the APFA landing page or contact an APFA Base Rep for assistance.

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