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8.11.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – August 11, 2021

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Forced Double-Ups

Crew Scheduling should not be “tagging” LINEHOLDERS into additional flying at the end of a sequence. APFA has made it clear that we view this as a forced double-up, and the JCBA does not permit this. Keep in mind this only applies to LINEHOLDERS. Reserves may be rescheduled to additional flying at the end of their trip if the company is unable to cover flying due to IROPs. This is covered in JCBA Section 12.M.3, and should only be used after the base is out of reserves and there are no out-of-base reserves to utilize. If you have been forced into a double-up as a lineholder, you can complete the Rescheduling Issue Report Form on or contact a local rep by calling 704-665-7474. If you are being forced into a double up as a lineholder or reserve and have questions on the legality of the reschedule, contact an APFA rep locally or call the national APFA Contract and Scheduling Desk at 817-540-0108 or use the live chat feature on for after hours and weekends.

From Your Safety Reports

Safety remains the top priority of our profession. With a drastic rise in Covid cases nationally and the packed flights we are seeing, it is now more important than ever to stay focused and follow the protocols set in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Hot cabins for boarding – Our procedures call for a temperature range of 76 degrees to 90 degrees in order for boarding to begin. Many of our crews are being intimidated into boarding simply because the agents are interpreting this down to “90 degrees is okay to board”. This simply is not true, if it was then why would we have a range? The science behind the range is to have a cooler temperature in the cabin and allow for a warmer temperature at the boarding door or the aft galley, not the entire cabin at 90 degrees. If you read the procedure published in the pilot’s flight manual, it references if the temperature is rising or falling to determine if boarding can commence. The decision to board is made by the captain given these guidelines, it does not say boarding must begin if a certain temperature is reached. Our commitment to Covid safety procedures is still in place. Part of those procedures includes using the HEPA filters to help filter out the Covid virus. Those filters involve running the APU. Communicate with the flightdeck and coordinate on what is an acceptable temperature. Ask that the APU be started. Many people are still under the impression the APU cannot be turned on until 15 minutes before departure. If your pilots are not on board yet, call ops and have maintenance come to the aircraft. Comfortable, clean cabins are a necessity in helping to prevent the spread of the Covid virus and a hot sticky aircraft doesn’t fit into that scenario.

Here are the stats taken from your safety reports:

Fume/Odor events- 4

Total number of Flight Attendants involved- 14

Number of Flight Attendants who sought medical attention- 9

Passengers ill on aircraft- 92

  • Possible Covid- 1

Passenger misconduct on aircraft- 369

  • Refused to wear masks- 125
  • Passenger intoxicated- 27
  • Miscellaneous Misconduct- 55
  • Passenger Smoking- 12
  • Passenger Fights on aircraft- 1
  • Passengers Removed from Aircraft- 49
  • Passenger Video Taping Crew- 2
  • Non-Rev misconduct- 1
  • Marijuana Violations- 1

Passenger Assaults on Flight Attendants- 5

Passenger injury on Aircraft- 22

Flight Attendant injury on Aircraft (Non-Fume)- 6

Flight Attendants ill/sick on Aircraft- 5

Turbulence Events on Aircraft- 2

  • Flight Attendants injured in Turbulence- 2

Mechanical Issues with Aircraft (Non-Fume)- 5

Rejected Takeoffs- 1

Passenger Live Animal Removed from Aircraft- 6

FAA Inspector on Board- 1

Passenger Lost/Stolen/Damaged Property- 1

Security Concerns- 4

Mechanical Diversions- 3

Medical Diversion- 1

Passenger Death- 1

Minimum Crew Violations-1

Extended Tarmac Delays- 3

Sexual Harassment/Misconduct- 2

Bird Strikes- 1

Gate Agent Issues- 4

These reports are just from the Charlotte base reports. As you can see, this has been one crazy summer, it is imperative to stay focused and be prepared for anything that might happen. The best way to protect yourself is preparation and anticipation.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President

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