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8.31.21 – 2021 Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program Conference

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

2021 Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program Conference

This year’s Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) Conference was held August 17th-19th, in Linthicum Heights, MD.

What is FADAP?

FADAP is a substance-abuse prevention program, created and promoted for and by the Flight Attendant profession and funded by the FAA. Assistance is provided to all Flight Attendants, including those who are active, furloughed or on leave. FADAP serves as an additional resource for Flight Attendants struggling with addiction or health and wellness issues. FADAP is not meant as a replacement for our EAP program, but rather an industry-wide program to help supplement and support Flight Attendants that need support in their recovery.

FADAP’s mission is to support a culture of safety which will be able to assist Flight Attendants in meeting their personal and professional goals through substance-abuse awareness, combined with self and peer referrals for assistance, and the implementation of a Flight Attendant-specific recovery support system. The Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program began in September 2010 with funding from the FAA, and now includes Flight Attendant peers and managers from 25 airlines across our industry.

FADAP Advisory Board

The FADAP Advisory Board provides guidance around the development of and enhancements to the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program. The board consists of Flight Attendants, Flight Attendant Managers, the FAA, and experts in the field of substance abuse. Recently, APFA National President Julie Hedrick joined APFA Flight Attendant/ FADAP Project Coordinator Deborah McCormick on the advisory board. Current board members include:

(L to R): Susie Wallace (APFA EAP/ JFK FA), Julie Hedrick (APFA Nat’l President), Christian Santana (APFA LGA Base President), Di Britton (APFA DCA Base Vice President)

How does FADAP interact with the APFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

FADAP works in tandem with the APFA Employee Assistance Program as it does with 24 other airlines. FADAP provides no cost 24/7 phone coverage, trainings, materials, best practice updates and aviation industry networking opportunities to support the APFA EAP in providing assistance to Flight Attendants and family members struggling with a substance use disorder.

What are some of the benefits offered by FADAP?

FADAP is an authorized and funded safety program funded by the FAA. The goal of FADAP is to educate and support cutting edge assistance programs and policies within and across labor and management groups that are truly effective in helping Flight Attendants and their families who struggle with substance use disorders. Some of the services FADAP offers to all Flight Attendants and family members regardless of their airline or Union status and which also augment the assistance your Union EAP can provide include:

  • 24/7 live phone assistance (you will never get a recording in your time of crisis or need) with follow up services coordinated from your own peer program.
  •  A no cost, 6-month family education program for those struggling with a loved one’s substance use disorder.
  • 24/7 help line for timely questions like 1) Can I take this medication and still fly? 2) Will I test positive if I take this medication? 3) I can’t enter Canada because of a DWI, what can I do?
  • Individualized treatment program searches for Flight Attendants and family members with little to no insurance coverage
  • Individual and bulk access to free printed or electronic educational material including pamphlets, videos, recovery stories, webinars, hotlines, etc.
  • Free training programs for managers, Union leaders, and EAP peers on a variety of subjects related to substance use and mental health disorders.


APFA Conference Participants
(L to R): Gaby Jimenez (DCA), Di Britton (DCA), Claudia Frye (DCA), Michael Gisbon (PHL), Charlotte Lewis (DCA)

APFA FADAP Conference Participants

“APFA EAP collaborates with many community resources, including Employee Assistance Professionals, treatment centers, FADAP, and Behavior Health Professionals so that you have the correct information to make the best decisions for your path to recovery. I appreciate the incredible educational tool FADAP provides. Project Manager Heather Healy and Project Coordinator and APFA Flight Attendant Deb McCormick conduct seminars and yearly conferences. These meetings give access to some of the most knowledgeable guest speakers in the field. We also collaborate on cases or handle them separately, confident in each team’s ability to intervene appropriately. Our only goal is to satisfy the needs of our membership.” -Sharon Dunn, APFA EAP

Visit the FADAP website to learn more about services offered, recovery resources, and substance abuse information and education. The past two years have been challenging to say the least. APFA Leadership is committed to offering as many resources as possible to Flight Attendants who may be struggling. Our Employee Assistance Program Representatives work around the clock to provide exemplary care for those in need. We look forward to supplementing that care and supporting our representatives with the resources provided by the industry-wide FADAP program. As we move forward, we will work together to ensure our membership has access to an unlimited amount of resources to help with substance abuse, recovery, and a successful return to work.

In Solidarity,

Julie Hedrick
APFA National President

Sharon Dunn
APFA EAP Representative

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