10.14.21 – Early Boarding Presidential Grievance Settlement

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Early Boarding Presidential Grievance Settlement

A settlement has been reached between Management and APFA on the 2018 Early Boarding Presidential Grievance. The details of the Settlement may be found here.

Highlights of the Settlement:

  • The Company agrees that Flight Attendants must be on board and ready to receive passengers by the time provided in JCBA Sections 11.M and 14.F. Any deviation from the time provided in Sections 11.M and 14.F requires the affirmative agreement of the #1 Flight Attendant/Purser.
  •  The Company will issue a communication to Flight Service and Customer Care managers, Gate Agents, Flight Attendants, and Pilots that reviews the requirement that team members discuss the time by which Flight Attendants will be ready to receive passengers, which time will comply with the provisions of JCBA Sections 11.M and 14.F., and reinforces that the gate agent should not send passengers to cross the threshold of the aircraft prior to the time by which Flight Attendants will be ready to receive passengers that complies with the provisions of Sections 11.M and 14.F. To each affected Flight Attendant who has submitted an early boarding claim, either by a prior Notice of Dispute, email, or online submission, the Company will issue a one-time payment of an amount of 15 minutes of flight pay to each Flight Attendant on a flight in which the boarding began prior to the times in Sections 11.M and 14.F. Such payments will be paid at the JCBA rate applicable at the time of payment.


APFA will provide the Company with the list of all submitted claims we have received to date. Since the Presidential Grievance was filed in 2018, we are aware that numerous Flight Attendants have filed multiple claims due to early boarding. Again, each claim will be paid at 15 minutes of pay at the Flight Attendant’s current applicable JCBA rate.

As a reminder as Lead or Purser, please ensure you conduct the Departure Dependability Briefing to establish the boarding time for the market and aircraft being flown. Please note the standard boarding times stated in JCBA Sections 11.M. and 14.F:

These boarding times offer sufficient time to complete the boarding process. Company communications to Airport Management, Gate Agents and Pilots, reinforce the standard boarding times and procedures to ensure that passengers are not crossing the threshold of the aircraft prior to the time stated by the Lead/Purser that conforms with the standard boarding times in Sections 11.M. and 14.F. of the JCBA. Remember that any deviation from the contractual boarding times requires an agreement by the Lead/Purser. The Lead/Purser is not obligated to deviate from the standard boarding times, nor should they be pressured to board early if the crew is not ready to receive passengers until the times provided for in Sections 11.M. and 14.F.

If the APFA identifies future systematic issues with passengers boarding prior to the agreed-upon times as detailed in this Settlement, the Company agrees to meet with the APFA to discuss and take prompt action to secure adherence to the provisions of this Settlement.

In Solidarity,

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