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11.10.21 – November 2021 APFA Negotiations Survey Opens at 1200CST

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The November 2021 Negotiations Survey is uploaded to the APFA website and the hotline below is scheduled to go out within the hour.

This is where our work begins and will continue throughout negotiations until we reach a Tentative Agreement and then finally a ratification vote.

It is vitally important that ALL American Airlines Flights from the most senior to the most junior participate in the survey.

This is the place where all Flight Attendants communicate to our Negotiations Committee on areas of importance.

Let us make this point very clear: low participation plays into the hands of management.

This is where you, as an activist, will play a key role in helping the Negotiations Committee at the bargaining table.

We need to be 24,000 STRONG in our fight for a fair and equitable agreement that addresses our contribution, sacrifice, and commitment to our profession and airline.

November 2021 APFA Negotiations Survey Now Open

Survey opens: November 10, 2021
Survey closes: December 10, 2021, at 1700 CT

Click here to access the survey

The November 2021 APFA Negotiations Survey is now available on the APFA website. While we have asked you to participate in three earlier surveys since our contract became amendable in December of 2019, so much has changed that we felt it was important to reach out to you again.

It is hard to believe it has been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic altered our careers. The changes and disruptions to work-life that Flight Attendants have endured over the past two years have been far too frequent and have further highlighted areas for improvement in our current contract.

  •  We have seen sequence construction changes to increase productivity and reduce Flight Attendant headcount.
  • Reserve numbers climbing up the seniority list; and
  • Hotel and transportation issues, illustrating the need for clear language to protect Flight Attendants and hold management accountable.


Several challenges presented themselves throughout various stages of the pandemic:

  • Early on, we faced exposure to this airborne virus without proper personal protective equipment. Unions across the industry pushed for mask requirements, enhanced cleaning, contact tracing, and other protections to keep us safer on the job.
  • We have had Flight Attendants subject to involuntary furlough. We spent months working with our elected representatives to ensure the Payroll Support Program extensions to keep all members paid and connected to their healthcare.
  • We have Flight Attendants who suffered displacement from their crew base, forcing them to commute and adjust to life in a new base.
  • We have seen an increase in Flight Attendant verbal and physical assaults simply for carrying out our job functions, and these assaults are happening with a frequency never seen in our industry.


We have been through tremendous upheaval over the past two years, and we deserve tangible improvements in a new contract that addresses the contributions and sacrifices we have made to keep American flying through the darkest days of the pandemic.

Your Negotiating Committee has received a tremendous amount of your feedback from listening tours, surveys, and emails, and this information is logged and tracked for discussion by the Committee. This survey offers another opportunity to update your priorities in a new contract and ensures that we are accurately representing your interests and expectations at the bargaining table.

Thank you for your feedback!

Q: I can’t seem to log in to the APFA website, how do I get help?

A: To register or reset your password, click Account | Login on the home page. Then click Forgot your password?

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Q: What if I’m not dues current?

A: In accordance with APFA Policy Manual 12.C.4.b, you must be a member in good standing to take this survey. If you are not dues current, first log in to the APFA website by using the instructions above. After logging in, select My Account in the upper right hand corner.

From there, click on Balance and you may pay online.

You may also pay over the phone by contacting the dues department at (817) 540-0108 ext. 8151.

In Solidarity,

Your APFA Negotiating Committee

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