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1.13.22 – Annual Vacation Buyback Closes Tomorrow

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Annual Vacation Buyback Closes Tomorrow

The Annual Vacation buyback process will close tomorrow, Friday, January 14th, at 1200 (CT).

In accordance with JCBA Section 8.F., Flight Attendants have the option to buyback a portion or all vacation days accrued during 2021 (carryover days are excluded). This includes the incentive vacation day earned for submitting vaccine verification by August 31, 2021. A minimum of 5.5% of the total annual base accrual will be offered for buyback. You do not need to be in an active status to participate in the annual vacation buyback.

Pay for annual vacation buyback will be as follows:

  • Buyback of 6 days or less will be paid out at 3:30 hours per day.
  • Buyback of 7 days or more will be paid out at 4:00 hours per day.
  • Vacation buyback days are not eligible for premium pay.
  • Pay is based on your applicable JCBA hourly rate at the time the annual buyback is paid out on the June 15, 2022 paycheck.


Awarded vacation buyback days will not be included in the annual vacation day matrix for the 2022-2023 bid, and you will not be able to bid for those days in the primary or secondary round of annual vacation bidding.

You may access the Annual Vacation Bid and Award (AVBA) via Crew Portal > Monthly Bids > Vacation > Annual > Summary > Annual Buyback.

Vacation Buyback Quick Reference Guide

Annual Accrual

Your annual accrual will show on the AVBA summary page via Crew Portal > Monthly Bids > Vacation > Annual > Summary.

You may view your 2021 accrued sick hours and vacation days in Crew Portal by selecting “Last Year SK/VC Accrual – (HISK/L)” under the FOS Screens.

Check the “AAC VC” Column in the HISK to verify if you have accrued vacation for the month.

Note: If you were on EVLOA in 2021, you did not accrue vacation while on leave. You can participate in the annual vacation buyback for any vacation days that were accrued in 2021 after you returned from your EVLOA. This includes the incentive vacation day earned for submitting vaccine verification by August 31, 2021. You may not buyback unscheduled vacation days you are carrying over from the previous vacation cycle to the 2022-2023 vacation cycle.

The Company has offered monthly vacation buyback several times over the last year. While making annual vacation buyback available is a contractual obligation, the JCBA allows the Company to offer additional monthly buyback at its discretion. However, Management has not indicated to APFA if or when they intend to offer more monthly vacation buyback during the current vacation cycle, or the 2022-2023 vacation cycle.

If you have any questions regarding your accrual or the buyback and bidding process, you may email, or call (800) VIPCREW, #8.

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