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1.27.22 – Nor’easter To Impact Parts Of East Coast With Snow And High Winds

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Nor’easter to Impact Parts of East Coast with Snow and High Winds

This weekend, a powerful winter storm plans to bring travel nightmares to many along the East Coast. The National Weather Service has issued winter storm warnings for Friday night and Saturday for Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. In the event of a cancellation this weekend to part or all of your sequence, here is a refresher on Last Sequence/Last Series of the Month Pay and Credit.

There are two provisions of JCBA Section 10.L that apply to the rescheduling of your last trip (or last series of trips) of the month. The sequence(s) will be designated with an ‘LS’code on your HI1, and listed in the header of the HI1 under either LAST or LOCK, with the sequence number(s) and date(s):

If your last sequence (or series of sequences) of the month cancels in its entirety, you are pay protected for the entire sequence.

If the origination of your last sequence of the month has canceled, the company may request that you split onto the sequence. You will be pay protected for the entire sequence, including the canceled portion.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you in the event there is a disruption to your last sequence (or series of sequences) of the month:

Q1: I just looked at my sequence for later today and noticed that the first two segments have cancelled. This is my last sequence of the month. What should I do?
A: Call Crew Scheduling. You may be required to split onto your trip as long as you are notified prior to the completion of the first scheduled duty period. If there was only one flight on your first duty period, and you need a hotel room, they will provide you with one. (JCBA Section 10.L.3)

Q2:  I reported for my last sequence of the month and now the first flight is delayed and will probably cancel. What happens now?
A: Crew scheduling may split you back onto your original sequence only; they may not reschedule you to other flying.  (JCBA Section 10.L.3)

Q3: Can I ever be rescheduled during my last sequence of the month?
A: Yes, but only after origination (departure of first flight) as referenced in JCBA Section 10.L.5.

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