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2.20.22 – Alert: Important Information About Balloting in TTS for March

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Alert: Important Information About Balloting in TTS for March

On Friday, the Company sent a mobileCCI message informing Flight Attendants that TTS will migrate to a cloud-based system beginning with the TTS runs for March sequences. TTS Ballots for March opened today. Late Friday night, the Company advised APFA of known issues within the user interface of this cloud-based system. Specifically, there are issues with the search criteria and balloting for turns, ODAN, and Red-Eye Sequences. There are also issues with how Speaker sequences are displayed within a ballot.

APFA is not in agreement with the Company going live with a system that has known issues, but they insist on moving forward.

APFA requested the Company send another mobileCCI message explaining how these issues will impact TTS ballots. The message was sent out last night. Whether you typically ballot in TTS for these types of trips or not, please make sure to read this latest Company communication carefully:

Important Notes to Know as TTS for March Sequences Moves to the Cloud

If you have any issues with balloting in TTS for March, please contact APFA immediately by completing a Scheduling System Issues Report Form, or email

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