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4.06.22 – APFA PHX Base Brief – May 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

May 2022 Allocations and Staffing

On Sunday, April 3rd, APFA Base Representatives had the monthly staffing call with the Company. On this call for PHX were Robin Agee, Secorra Flowers, and Scott Barnes. PHX has 771 Lineholders and 223 Reserves (22.4%) available for May. Once again, PHX, LAX, DFW, and SFO, are the only bases with required Reserves above 20%. The high number of absenteeism, and incredibly high Reserve sick calls (average of 42% for March), were given as a reason our Reserve numbers are still higher, percentage-wise, than most other bases. We asked the Company if the number of Reserves they project each month is system-driven instead of base-driven, which could also explain the high percentage. We await an answer.

APFA LAX Base President John Nikides pointed out that if we weren’t short-staffed in PHX and LAX, we would not face the Reserve shortage we do each month-end, and Scheduling/Tracking would not have to rob Peter to pay Paul. He called for the Company to return Flight Attendants to LAX and PHX, as did PHX Base President Robin Agee. We are no longer in a reduced flying pandemic situation; the flying hours are steadily increasing in most bases. Our Lineholders should not be treated as Reserves, which occurs every time there is an irregular operation or at month’s end. Suppose the Company was to bring back the displaced Flight Attendants by July in LAX and PHX. In that case, we are confident we would see a reduction in absenteeism, and the operation would not be critical every month-end. This does not mean we can continue to see our base absenteeism averaging 24% each month or our Reserve absenteeism at 42% daily. By reducing these sick/absenteeism numbers with each group of returning displaced Flight Attendants in the next few months, we will show the Company that there is a direct correlation that as we increase our staffing numbers, we reduce the percentage of sick calls.

We will continue to work with Crew Planning/Staffing to ensure we are doing everything possible to make PHX successful and bring back our displaced flight attendants.

The allocations call to discuss the sequence construction, type of trips (i.e. number of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-day sequences, ODANs, red eyes, etc.), any contractual violations, the length of duty day and overnights, was held on April 3rd after the staffing call. For May, PHX will see an increase of 2,672 hours of flying, going from 51,751 in April to 54,423 in May. We will see an increase in 1-days by 3% and 2-days will increase by 1%. There will be a decrease in 3-days of 4% and an increase of 2% in our 4-day sequences. ODANs will increase. The LHR flying is still in our bid and will be daily. We did ask if we will see ANC return this summer, and at this time, the answer is no. With the shortage of 787 wide-bodies due to the back order from Boeing, the A321 has to be more strategically placed to cover routes that will move more passengers to the destinations needed without added costs.

As for the quality of the sequences, most have sit times under 3 hours. However, Sequence 27404 has a 3.41-hour sit in BOS before flying onto PHL overnight. We voiced our “ask” to see more 2-days that are commutable and built so that Flight Attendants can bid 2-day trips back to back. Flight Attendants have voiced that early morning check-ins and late-night releases on two-day sequences are not desirable when bidding for flexibility. Speaker sequences appear to be all turns for May. This should allow speakers to bid domestic/Hawaii/LHR for the month if their seniority can hold them and fulfill their speaker commitments.


The LRD is open until 1200 CT on the 7th. If you are considering using Senior Bump to bid down to reserve to change your rotation, keep in mind vacation days.  If you have more than 3-days of vacation, you can bid down to reserve, but it will not fulfill your reserve obligation and you will be reserve eligible in accordance with your reserve pattern. (JCBA Section 12.A.3.b.)

Bid Sheet Information

Since paper copies of the Bid Sheets are no longer printed you may not know about some of the information available on the Flight Service website. The Flight Service Website now has a Bidding & Resource Tab where you can find the Current and Archived Bid Sheets.

The PBS Cover Sheet PDF has a lot of useful information:

  • Bidding Timeline
  • Support Tab Information
  • VIP Crew Phone Tree Prompt Directory
  • Contractual Scheduling Charts for Duty Days and Rest Periods
  • How to find Standby and RAP information for your base
  • Onboard Service Information
  • Equipment Bid Position Information by A/C
  • Service Highlights
  • Changes to the Master Bid Sheet
  • Equipment codes
  • Monthly Airline Schedule Highlights
  • Monthly Sequence Construction Highlights
  • Charters


Hotel and Transportation information has been moved to its own document (Master Hotel List):

Contract Negotiations and the Contract ACTION Team

The updated Negotiations section on the APFA website launched last week. The new Negotiations page offers more transparency to the negotiations process then we have seen in the past. Remember, knowledge is power! This is your source for factual information, and exactly where we are in the negotiation process. Check the page often for updates.

As Activists for the Contract ACTION Team, you will be a direct link between the general membership and our Negotiations Committee. You will be tasked with talking to your flying partners about communication sent out by the Union’s Negotiations Committee, directing Flight Attendants how to sign up for the hotlines, how to access information as well as how to participate in ACTION events such as: email campaigns, base, regional and systemwide events.

As we continue to build our movement, we encourage all PHX Flight Attendants to sign up as Activists.

You can get the latest updates on negotiations by visiting

APFA PHX Phone Number


  • Ext. 1 – National Office and Contract & Scheduling Desk
  • Ext. 2 – PHX Base President Robin Agee
  • Ext. 3 – PHX Base Vice President Secorra Flowers
  • Ext. 4 – Mandatory Meeting Representation
  • Ext. 5 – Medical and Injury on Duty
  • Ext. 6 – Reserves
  • Ext. 0 – General Questions


Save the image below, for when you do not have access to the internet:

Robin will be on vacation from April 24-30. If you need assistance during that time, please call APFA PHX at 800-595-1471.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

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