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4.21.22 – 2022 National Chair And Regional Representative Appointments

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

National Chair and Regional Representative Appointments

1Q 2022 Executive Committee Meeting held today at APFA Headquarters

Today, the Executive Committee unanimously confirmed the National Chair and Regional Representative appointments. These positions are two-year terms commencing on May 1, 2022.

Confirmed as reappointed National Chairs by President Julie Hedrick:

  • Paul Hartshorn, Jr. (PHL) for Communications;
  • Marti McMillan (CLT) for Scheduling;
  • Michael Malool (CLT) for Hotels;
  • Bellia Peckson (DFW) for Injury on Duty (IOD);
  • Jeff Petersen (CLT) for Contract Administration;
  • Cathy Sharp (DFW) for Health;
  • Vivian Stubblefield (ORD) for Safety & Security.


APFA National Officers and Department Chairs at the February 2022 Quarterly Membership Virtual Meeting

Confirmed as reappointed Regional Representatives by Vice President Larry Salas:

  • Nicholas Bader (MIA), representing CLT and SFO;
  • Grace Allen (PHL), representing DFW;
  • Robyn Walters (PHX), representing LAX, ORD, and PHX;
  • Catt Napper (MIA), representing MIA;
  • Raymond Lewis (LGA), representing BOS and LGA;
  • Alin Boswell (DFW), representing DCA and PHL.


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