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5.07.22 – Absence Tracker

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Absence Tracker

In accordance with JCBA Section 9.B.2.A Flight Attendant who is unable to report for duty for twenty-one (21) or more consecutive days following the origination of a sick call will be required to notify her/his Flight Service Manager. The Company may require a Flight Attendant who is unable to report for duty for twenty-one (21) or more consecutive days to present medical documentation.

With the implementation of Absence Tracker, the Company has utilized the ability to auto-designate FMLA while on a medical leave of absence. Your FMLA will run concurrent with any medical leave(s) that are administratively and medically eligible. Therefore, if the absence extends for twenty-one (21) or more consecutive days, you will be required to create a case within Absence Tracker. You will be prompted to complete the Health Care Provider Form (HCP) to substantiate the leave.

If your leave is less than twenty-one (21) days, and you do not wish to utilize FMLA, you are not required to create a case within Absence Tracker. The absence will be subject to the attendance policy without the usage of FMLA.

Below you will find the path to Absence Tracker and how to request a new case. Once you create a case, you will be notified if you are administratively eligible for FMLA via email, the US Postal Service and in the view attachments button in absence tracker. The FMLA forms will be provided with each method of communication. If you are not administratively eligible, the information provided on your HCP form will be used to designate a Medical Leave.

Once you create a case within Absence Tracker, it will remain open for fifteen (15) days. Your case does not have to be created on the exact date you are requesting, but it is important to be cognizant of the timeline Absence Tracker provides you to complete your case. The HCP form used to designate FMLA has a timeline as well. You will have fifteen (15) days from the start date being requested on your HCP form to submit your HCP form. There is a unique bar code, shown below, that is for your individual case request.  It is important to only use the forms provided. Be sure to follow your case in your case notes in case there is additional documentation or clarification needed. You will have ten (10) days to submit the requested information.

When you create a leave request, all documents needed for your case will be included in the “view” attachments link.

The preferable and easiest method for you to submit your HCP form is by uploading them directly to Absence Tracker. You can scan the forms directly to your computer or even upload a clear photo.

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