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10.03.18 – The Weekly Scoop



FAA Reauthorization Bill

Today the Senate passed the FAA Reauthorization Bill of 2018. APFA was proud to support this important piece of legislation. The Bill now heads to the President’s desk.

Thanks to the many APFA members who made phone calls, sent messages and came to Washington to help in our effort.

  • Directs FAA to study cabin evacuation standards, including minimum seat pitch
  • Prohibits use of cell phones
  • Addresses sexual misconduct on planes
  • Increases penalty for crew interference to $35,000
  • Improves rest and duty rules for Flight Attendants
  • Establishes a fatigue risk management plan for Flight Attendants
  • Expands human trafficking training
  • Bans electronic cigarettes
  • No knives on planes
  • Safe transportation of lithium batteries
  • Comprehensive study and reporting for cabin fumes
  • Service animal standards

Robin Charbonneau, APFA Communications Chair,

VLOA and Effect on Reserve Obligation
If you bid on to reserve (“Senior Bump”) with greater than 3 days of vacation or are awarded a VLOA, this will not fulfill your reserve rotation obligation and you will not receive reserve credit. You could be subject to reserve the following month if needed at your seniority.  (JCBA 12.A.3.b)

If you are projected to serve reserve and you have vacation or are awarded VLOA during the reserve month, then you will have fulfilled the Reserve obligation and will receive credit for fulfilling the reserve obligation at the time of award.  (JCBA 12.A.4)

 – Erik Harris, APFA National Contract Chair,

Ready to Enroll

Are you ready for Annual Enrollment for 2019 Benefits? With open enrollment less than 2 weeks away (October 15 – 26, 2018) now would be a good time to do a check up on your current benefits. Simply visit The Benefits Service Center to review your current options, and then visit to review options for 2019.

Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,

Where Am I Laying Over? 

There are 3 ways to retrieve your layover information:
HIHTL/flt. #/dep date/dep city

Mobile CCI
(available on mobile device and tablet)
Click  – Flights
Click  – Sequence (if multiple legs, click on flight prior to layover)
Leg details will list Hotel/Limo information


Flight Service/Crew Portal/My Schedule

Click  Calendar day of Sequence Layover
There is a Hotel/Shuttle Tab with Hotel name & phone number/ Transportation name & phone number

Enjoy your layovers!

Julia Simpson, APFA National Hotel Chair,

Attendance Policy and IOD

Absences coded as an IOD will not be chargeable and will not be counted in the Flight Attendant Attendance and Performance Program.

 – Bellia Peckson, APFA National IOD Chair,

ROTA Future Processing

Q. Why aren’t the ROTA bids I placed showing up in my ROTA Future Processing Results?A. Only sequences and standby shifts for which you are qualified, legal and available will be considered in ROTA Future Processing.

To see if the sequences were open, look at the starting snapshot on the ROTA Processing Report.

  • Ensure you were legal for the requested sequences.Required rest, arrival time (into a FD/GD with debrief?) and 35/7 are common legality issues.
  • Check qualifications.  Aircraft type, speaker requirements, IFS

A trip may be open when you place your bid, however all open trips must be run through UBL prior to awarding/assigning to reserves.

Becky Lydecker, APFA National Scheduling Chair,

IFM Compliance

FAR 121.137 states that each Flight Attendant is responsible for keeping their IFM up-to-date and readily accessible while on duty.
Please ensure that your tablet is fully charged, turned on and up to date before reporting for duty, deadheading and/or attending required training.

– Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National  Safety & Security Chair,

Make a Voting Plan!

Election Day is now just over a month away and so much is at stake for union members across the country. Registration deadlines for many states are postmarked 30 days before the election on November 6th, so this means you may have just a few days left to register by mail.

We encourage all APFA members to double check your voter registration status. Don’t miss your opportunity to make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 6th. There are many tight races and every vote counts. Elections matter!

Visit for more information

– Allie Malis, APFA National Government Affairs Representative,

Q. What is the PBS mis-award process and the role of the JSIC?

A. Once the Flight Attendant receives their award and they have questions concerning the award or believe there has been a mis-award the Flight Attendant should do the following:

  1. The Flight Attendant should contact the FABRC for a review of the award to be evaluated by the FABRC representative.
  2. The FABRC representative advises the Flight Attendant if there has been a potential mis-award. If there has been a potential mis-award it will be referred to the PBS admin team and sent to AOS for validation.
  3. If the award has been evaluated by the PBS admin team/ AOS, a FABRC member will call and advise the Flight Attendant of the results and if a mis-award has occurred will provide the Flight Attendant with a detailed description of how they need to proceed regarding pay protection(s).
  4. If the Flight Attendant has been advised they do not have a mis-award and would like to challenge the information they then would contact the JSIC for review.
  5. The JSIC will review the results to determine if a mis-award has occurred and if the award should receive further review.

Alin Boswell, Julie Hedrick, Linda Haertling, Vicki Balistreri, APFA Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee,

As of today, there have been 4,841 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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