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10.19.21 – Reminder: Pay Protection for Scheduling System Misawards

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021 Pay Protection for Scheduling System Misawards The Misaward Guide is located on the home page of Crew Change in Jetnet: Below are some key points to remember: If you believe you have been misawarded in one of the Scheduling Systems, you must submit a Direct Connect within 96 hours of the misawarded…

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11.18.20 – December 2020 PBS Bid Award Summary & Mis-Award Process

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 December 2020 PBS Bid Award Summary & Mis-Award Process December PBS Bid Award Summary click image to enlarge How to Read the Bid Award Summary How to Read Your PBS Award PBS Mis-Award Process  Any Lineholder or Reserve who has an inquiry or believes she/he may have received a mis-award must submit a PBS Award…

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6.15.20 – Direct Connect Submissions for Misawards

JCBA Specialist hotlines

Monday, June 15, 2020 Direct Connect Submissions for Misawards If you believe you were misawarded in TTS/UBL, ETB, or ROTA/D, you must submit a Direct Connect claim within 96 hours of the suspected misaward. After fulfilling your obligation, update your Direct Connect ticket with the TTS runs in which you participated and, if awarded, the date…

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10.17.18 – The Weekly Scoop

    Call to Action October 23rd! Let’s Support TWU & IAM Our TWU Brothers and Sisters have been in contract negotiations with American for nearly 3 years. TWU has shown their strong support at APFA’s WAAKE UP AMERICAN Picket at Centreport – DFW in August, and will continue their support in joining APFA System-Wide Base Airport picketing, November 18th.…

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10.03.18 – The Weekly Scoop

    FAA Reauthorization Bill Today the Senate passed the FAA Reauthorization Bill of 2018. APFA was proud to support this important piece of legislation. The Bill now heads to the President’s desk. Thanks to the many APFA members who made phone calls, sent messages and came to Washington to help in our effort. Directs…

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4.09.18 – (LAA/LUS) – PBS Bases – Before You Bid

PBS Bases- Before You Bid Check your Standing Bid Training on your Schedule? Read this! LOD/O Vacation Low Priority Bidding Core Pairings in the same layer as FK or FM pairings Red Eyes Defined Bidding High Time (91-110 hours) If you think you were misawarded FABRC Hours & reminders Your Standing Bid – Every month,…

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