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6.15.20 – Direct Connect Submissions for Misawards

JCBA Specialist Hotlines

Monday, June 15, 2020

Direct Connect Submissions for Misawards

If you believe you were misawarded in TTS/UBL, ETB, or ROTA/D, you must submit a Direct Connect claim within 96 hours of the suspected misaward. After fulfilling your obligation, update your Direct Connect ticket with the TTS runs in which you participated and, if awarded, the date and the sequence number of the award.

Many Direct Connects are denied due to inaccurate or incomplete information. If Crew Comp cannot complete their research with the information provided, the Direct Connect will be denied, even if the misaward is valid.

To assist you in completing your misaward claim, we have put together the following guide. This guide includes suggestions from Crew Comp to help you avoid common mistakes, which result in denied pay claims.

Complete a Scheduling Systems Issue Report if your Direct Connect is denied, and you wish to dispute the denial.


How to Submit a Direct Connect

Direct Connect is accessed through Crew Portal under Links, or on the Flight Service page on Jetnet.

Access Direct Connect under links in Crew Portal
Under Choose an Option, select the type of misaward you are claiming from the drop-down menu.  The choices are in alphabetical order, and each system is listed individually. If you were misawarded in UBL but selected TTS misaward, Crew Comp will only look at the TTS runs to substantiate your claim, which may cause your claim to be denied.

The Seq/Pairing Origination Date will not allow you to select a future date. For Misawards, select the date of the misawarded run.

Select ETB-Misaward

Crew Comp cannot see the obstacles you experienced at the time of the misaward.  Including all relevant information substantiating your claim will expedite the processing.

Include relevant information in Message to Crew Comp field

After submitting your Direct Connect claim, ensure your submission was accepted by opening the Ticket Log page.

Check Ticket Log for your submitted claim

After completing your obligation, return to the Ticket Log page and update your Direct Connect by clicking on the ticket number.

Update your pending Direct Connect claim with all relevant information regarding the steps followed to fulfill your obligation.

Update ticket information in Ticket Log

If your search for like trips did not produce any sequences, we recommend your take screenshots of the message received and include No sequences matched search criteria in your reply.

Example of No Sequnce Match reply to Crew Comp
Crew Comp does not accept screenshots; however, should a denial need to be disputed, submit a System Issues Report. Upload any screenshots and the Direct Connect denial message with your submission. You can also reach out to your APFA Base Representatives.

Example of No Results screenshot

Only tickets that show Pending CrewComp in the status column should be updated. After Crew Comp has answered a ticket, it is closed and will not be reviewed again. If additional information is needed on a closed claim, you must create a new ticket. Reference the original ticket number in the comments section.

Claim status update appears in Ticket Log

Please complete a Scheduling Systems Issue Report if you would like additional information or assistance with a denied Misaward Claim.

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