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7.17.19 – Weekly Scoop

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Multiple Cases of Legionnaries’ Disease Linked to Atlanta Hotel

One of our ATL-Long layovers has been shut down due to a Legionnaires Disease concern. More than 400 of the hotel’s guests have been relocated to nearby hotels. It is important to note that NO Flight Attendants are currently staying at this specific layover hotel for the month of July.

Legionnaires is transmitted by droplets of water, and not usually by person-to-person transmission. Incubation can last from 2 to 10 days. For those individuals that are healthy, there is low to no risk of contracting this disease. There is an increased risk for those that are very young, the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems.

If you have stayed at this property recently and have any symptoms of cold, flu, aches and pains, it is recommended that you be seen by your Primary Care Physician or other healthcare facility for evaluation.

APFA will remain in contact with the Company and proper authorities to ensure that our Flight Attendants are being taken care of and remain safe. Again, there are no Flight Attendant hotel allocations for this specific property for the month of July.

CNN Report on Atlanta Hotel

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

CDC – Legionella (Legionnaires’ Disease and Pontiac Fever)

– Julia Simpson, APFA National Hotel Chair,
– Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,
– Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National Safety and Security Chair,

Reschedule Procedures… Know your Contract! 

In a recent Flight Service Communication, the Company communicated procedures for notification of a rescheduled assignment which appeared to be confusing. We would like to clarify JCBA Section 10.V.5:

The Lead Flight Attendant will be responsible for communicating with Crew Schedule. In no event shall a Flight Attendant accept a change in in itinerary from anyone other than Crew Schedule, a Company designee, e.g., member of management, Flight Service Management or the Captain.  Notwithstanding the above, a customer service agent may inform the Flight Attendant of the need to contact Crew Schedule for possible change in itinerary.

Again, the Customer Service Agent can only advise you of the need to call Crew Schedule for a possible change…..not the details of the change.

– Liz Geiss, APFA National Vice President,

You Asked, We Answered. SMS Text Notifications Are Here!

You may now join the SMS text notification service to get urgent and important updates from APFA. Multiple groups are available for you to opt in to, such as PBS bidding reminders and base specific messages from APFA National Leadership and your local Base Leadership. More groups can be added as the system evolves.


This is an optional service and does not replace the APFA hotlines. In addition, this new service will not replace or terminate the text reminders that are sent out from the Contract and Scheduling Departments, nor will it change how our Flight Attendants can text an APFA representative as a live chat option. This is simply another way to stay informed when it comes to time-sensitive and urgent matters.

Click Here for sign-up instructions, and more information.

– Robin Charbonneau, APFA National Communications Chair,

Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation’s World Congress was held May 19-24, 2019. One day was dedicated to Aviation and in attendance were our Team Base Coordinators: Mark Arcenaux (DFW), Patty Abruzzo (LAX), Melinda Canaday (ORD/STL), Sharon Dunn (LGA), Lisa Crockett-Moon (CLT), Bill Ibarra (PHL), Laura Lyman (PHX/SFO), Sonia Rodriguez (LGA), Litra Simms (BOS, RDU, DCA), Joe Stanko (MIA), Graham Thompson (PHL).

Guest speakers at the conference were: Susie Wallace, Lead CIRT Coordinator and Patty French, CIRT Clinical Director. They spoke of the history and structure of our program and our goals for the future. It was a great day for networking as the Critical Incident Teams from Boeing, JAL, Jet Blue, Southwest, APA, Air Traffic Controllers and even private/acrobat flying associations.

Sheila Dail, who recently retired, was also chosen to be on the Board of Directors for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

We thank the APFA-AA CIRT, the largest Airline Critical Incident Response Team in the U.S., for wonderfully representing our peer support volunteer team in Baltimore.

-Abby Alconcher, APFA National EAP Specialist, eap@apfa.og

Lori Bassani Testifies in Washington, D.C.

Today, APFA National President Lori Bassani testified before the House Aviation Subcommittee in Washington, D.C. The Congressional hearing was titled “State of Aviation Safety” and the panel also included leaders from TWU, ALPA, PASS, NTSB and family members of victims of Ethiopian Air Flight 302. As stakeholders of aviation safety, many concerns on various issues were brought forward. President Bassani focused her comments on seat size, evacuations, air rage, cabin air quality, emotional support animals, the 10-hour minimum rest FAR, FAA oversight and the Boeing 737 MAX.

National President Bassani with TWU International President Samuelsen

– Allie Malis, APFA National Government Affairs Representative,

Benefits Service Center

Do you have health spending account, direct billing or benefits deduction questions, need dependent verification, need to enroll, confirm or change who’s covered? You can get answers to these questions and many others by contacting the Benefits Service Center at  888-860-6178 from 9am until 6pm CT, Monday through Friday. You can also chat or send a secure email by logging into the Benefits Service Center.

– Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,

Can I Bid for a Sequence that Shows a Red or Yellow X?

An X in the Legal column indicates there may be an FAR or other limitation, such as a speaker requirement, which would prevent you from being awarded the sequence. You may still bid for the sequence because at the time of the award, the legality or speaker limitation may not be in place.

If a sequence requires a speaker, all open and balloted positions will have an X. TTS knows any open position can satisfy the speaker requirement and will award the remaining positions to non-speakers.

An X indicates a waiver is currently required. If you select this sequence, you will only be waiving if the waiver is still required at the time of the award.

– Renee Mayer, APFA National JCBA Specialist,

Redesigned Negotiations Page at

Earlier this week, the Negotiating Committee and the Communications Department finished redesigning the Negotiations section of the APFA website. Here, you will find updates on each section as we move through the negotiations process, including what sections are currently open and what sections are tentatively agreed to between APFA and the Company. You will also find links to contact the Negotiating Committee, as well as hotlines released by the committee.

Sign into the APFA website, and follow this link:

– APFA Negotiating Committee,

 Upcoming Retirement Seminars

The Retirement Department will be conducting the following seminars in July:

  • July 29th – EWR –1100-1400  Conference Room off of Flight Service
  • July 30th – JFK – 1100-1400  Third Floor Conference Room (next to Pilot Ops)
  • July 31st – LGA – 1100-1400  Third Floor Conference Room

Seminars cover a wide range of topics including: Retiree Travel, 401(k), Pensions, COBRA, and Medicare.

Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants: Download a pension estimate from the Pension Service Center page on jetnet.

Legacy US Airways Flight Attendants: Request a copy of their pension estimate from the PBGC by calling 800-400-7242.

Members unable to attend the seminars are always welcome to watch the retirement webinar series available on the APFA Retirement Page, as well as download the Good Slide! retirement handout.

Everyone is welcome regardless of base or seniority – no need to RSVP.

– Kim Coats Tuck, APFA National Retirement Specialist,

Exit Seat Briefings

Flight Attendants with Exit Seat responsibilities are required to visually and verbally ensure that customers meet the Exit Seat criteria. Please ensure that you conduct your Exit Seat briefings before aircraft door closure.

Flight Attendants can verify the Station Assignment Chart under the specific aircraft section(s) they are flying to see what their assigned responsibilities are. Also, remember that Flight Attendants have an obligation to ensure that the Exit Seat criteria is still met before being seated for landing. If a customer has moved to the Exit Seat during flight, provide the customer with the briefing to ensure compliance. You can find the Exit Seat Briefing and protocols in the IFM ✈ General Policies and Procedures ✈ Exit Seat Policy ✈ Flight Attendant Responsibilities.

– Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National Safety and Security Chair,

As of today, there have been 5,073 Flight Attendants who have filed Uniform Reaction Reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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