11.19.19 – Quarterly System Board Cases SETTLED!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Quarterly System Board Cases


This week we were schedule to take five cases to Quarterly System Board Arbitration.  The cases involved were –  removal of discipline (2), Last Live Leg Pay, IOD Pay, and Easter Premium Pay.  All were individual grievances except for the Easter Premium Pay case.  I am happy to announce that all cases were settled with the remedy sought by the Flight Attendant/Union.

I want to explain the Easter Premium Pay Grievance, as some of you will be receiving additional pay soon.  Per Section 10.H. of the JCBA, Red Flag is offered for trips in open time.  The JCBA does not prohibit trades into Red Flagged trips in TTS, nor does it exclude Flight Attendants who have dropped a trip in ETB, making them available to pick up a Red Flagged trip. Unfortunately, the company did not allow this when they offered the Premium Pay over Easter weekend.

The Company originally paid Flight Attendants who had no conflicts on 20-21 April.
The Easter Settlement incorporated the Red Flag language, which provided this premium pay to Flight Attendants who were excluded due to the following scenarios:

  • Flight Attendants who originally had a trip on 20-21, but dropped either through TTS or ETB.  This includes those who were doing positive and neutral transactions.
  • Flight Attendants awarded manually during the first TTS run on 14 April.  These Flight Attendants were entitled to the premium, but were not captured by Crew Comp.
  • Flight Attendants who did not fly the originally awarded sequence but picked up a different trip over those days
  • Flight Attendants who dropped or traded sequences and later picked up Red Flagged trips through UBL on 20-21 April

The settlement ensures that 384 Flight Attendants that picked up per the Easter “Premium Pay” offered by the company were properly paid in April.  It also provides the Red Flag pay for 490 Flight Attendants that were not allowed to participate due to the diversion from our contract language.

Many thanks to the Regional Reps who worked this case, and a special thanks to Renee Mayer, JCBA Specialist, who meticulously researched and reviewed the pay for each Flight Attendant prior to signing.

To read the settlement letter click the link below.


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