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1.10.20 – Speakers in ROTA

Friday, January 10, 2019

Speakers in ROTA Processing

Step 1: Award/Assign: Speaker Sequences to Speaker Reserves
ROTA looks for Speaker choices in your Future Bids. If you have not placed any speaker bids, ROTA will look in your Standing Bids for speaker sequences.

Step 2: Award: Speaker to Pick-up on FD/GD Reserves 

Step 3: Award/Assign: Sequences to Available Reserves and Speaker Reserves
Speakers who were not awarded or assigned in Step 1 are passed to Step 3 and processed with non-Speakers for the remaining open sequences.

If your grouping is closed at the time your seniority is processed, you will be awarded or assigned a sequence.*

*If higher groupings are open and junior Reserves available, a ROC bid may allow you to be skipped when assigning sequences. You will be considered for remaining Standby shifts in Step 4.

Step 4: Assign: Standby to Available Reserves
Remaining Standby shifts are assigned in inverse seniority order, taking into consideration Standby clicks and days of availability.

Pro Tip: If you have Standing Speaker bids but would prefer ROTA award you a non-Speaker sequence from your Future bid, remove the Speaker choices from your Standing bid or include at least one Speaker choice in your Future bid. ROTA will not award from a Standing bid if there are Future bids present.

To bid for a Speaker trip, check the Speaker Bid box. Only Speaker positions are considered when this box is checked.

If you would like to be considered for non-Speaker positions, you must bid for these sequences without checking the Speaker Bid box. To bid for both Speaker and non-Speaker positions on the same sequence, you must bid for them twice, once with the Speaker Bid box checked, and again without the Speaker Bid box checked.

Speakers bidding for both Speaker and non-Speaker positions will show both bids in their Reserve Bidding Summary.

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