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4.11.20 – A Virtual View; While Quarantined

Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Virtual View; While Quarantined…

With social distancing being prevalent in every state, your AA/APFA Critical Incident Response Team is actively conducting virtual support sessions for FA’s struggling with the stress and anxiety from COVID-19. We are here to assist our Flight Attendants by talking online and everyone being able to see everyone. With Flight Attendants being isolated, some being alone to deal with their fear of anxiety of being an essential worker, we have been hearing how challenging this time has been.

All bases are up and running and have been a great success. They are facilitated with an Optum EAP Mental Health Professional and your CIRT Team Base Coordinator. Some meetings may also include CIRT Clinical Director, Patty French; CIRT Lead Coordinator, Susie Wallace; or APFA EAP Specialist, Abby Alconcher. They are conducted along the same lines as a Critical Incident Stress Debrief. We have been using the Zoom application or WebEx as a platform. Both apps are free for participants to offer video conferencing.

Each session will be approximately 10 to 12 Flight Attendants per meeting and may run anywhere from one to two hours. We are here to suggest a positive approach in dealing with fears, stress, and anxiety and empower you to use that energy for your mental and physical well-being.

To sign up you may call our CIRT peer support line at (800) 998-8194 or contact your local base TBC.


In light of COVID-19 and the recommendation of social distancing, we feel it necessary to talk about some resources for those of us in recovery programs from various addictions/behaviors. We have been made aware that many Alanon clubs, churches and community centers that hold 12 step recovery meetings are closing temporarily. It’s important that we don’t isolate when it comes to your recovery, somehow, we need to stay engaged. Please make sure to reach out to others that you would normally connect with face to face meetings. Perhaps use your phone or laptop to conference call with several others to stay “plugged in” to your recovery. Here are a few resources for online 12 step meetings:


FAIR is a part of the APFA EAP Department, the sole purpose is as a peer support group and members adhere to strict confidentiality requirements. We meet once a month and encourage members to attend these meeting in conjunction with their other recovery/aftercare meetings. Each group is facilitated by the APFA EAP representative and may be co-facilitated by an Optum EAP Manager or other certified/licensed substance abuse/mental health practitioner. This group is a support group, there is no attendance, notes etc. It is strictly voluntary and confidential.For more information about Flight Attendants In Recovery (FAIR) please email us at

We are currently conducting daily and weekly ZOOM meetings as well.

You can also contact APFA National FAIR Coordinator, Heidi Sakacs at

As Professional Flight Attendants we must conduct ourselves accordingly; however, we all know that sometimes there is concern, or conflict, and that is where Professional Standards gets involved. The purpose of our APFA Professional Standards program is to promote and maintain the highest degree of professional conduct and standards among our APFA members. This program is intended to resolve any conflicts before it escalates and results unfavorably on the Flight Attendants involved. Situations handled by Professional Standards would include personality conflicts, non-adherence to company policies, verbal attacks, written or spoken profanity, Facebook bullying, and other character attacks on someone’s reputation. Keep in mind we are here to try to pacify the situation before it ends up in management. Remember to always strive to use your own code of ethics and professional attitude to prevent any of cases from being brought forward, but if there is any need to use Professional Standards, feel free to contact us.

APFA National Professional Standards Rep: Jillian Bocenda @

To contact your local Base Professional Standards Rep, click here

In Unity,

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