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4.29.20 – Aflac® Special Enrollment Continues Now Through May 8th

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Special Enrollment Now Until May 8th

APFA is pleased to provide Aflac’s special open enrollment as an option for all of our members.

  • Special Enrollment Dates: Now until Friday, May 8th
  • Call Center Phone: 877-453-2385
  • Call Center Hours: 09:00 (CDT) until 17:00 (CDT) Monday – Friday, and 10:00am (CDT) until 14:00 (CDT) on Saturday


Enrollment Specifics:

  • Any active or inactive Flight Attendant may enroll
  • The plans being offered are: 24-Hour Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, and Dental.
  • All of the plans are transferable at retirement
  • Coverage will be offered to any applicant without regard to health status


Schedule an Appointment:

By scheduling an appointment, you are scheduling to receive a call from one of our Benefit Enrollment Specialists at your convenience.

Self Enrollment:

APFA Self-Enrollment Portal for Aflac® Supplemental Benefits
It’s important to note that if you reside in the state of New York, you can only enroll online through the self-enrollment portal)

  1. Does this replace the September Annual Enrollment?
    No. This is a special enrollment process.
  2. Can I sign up for Short Term Disability?
    No. Short-Term Disability is only available during September Annual Enrollment.
  3. Can I pay for the policies on my own?
    Yes. The Self-Pay forms are available on the Aflac pages of our APFA website and will be provided at the end of your enrollment with Aflac®.
  4. Can I take the policies with me if I am retiring?
    Yes, all but the Short-Term Disability.
  5. Can I add on products if I am already enrolled?
    Yes. You can do that during this process.
  6. Why can I not see the prices or information on the cost?
    Other than the standard Group Accident Policy (which averages $2.72 semi-monthly) and the Hospital Indemnity Plan (which averages $10.63 semi-monthly), the cost of the plans is related to your situation (spouse, children, age, smoker vs. non-smoker, etc.).
  7. Can I double-dip with other policies I have purchased?
    Yes. These are voluntary supplemental policies. The policy pays out regardless of any other insurance.
  8. Will the policy pay my doctor directly?
    Aflac® payouts are direct to the consumer.
  9. What is the Telemedicine offer, and what is the benefit?
    The Telemedicine offer is a considerable benefit mostly because it is affordable. It covers your entire family for the same price, and most importantly, there are $0 co-pays or deductibles. Many other plans want you to pay a co-pay once you see the doctor through the portal. Here’s the link:


If you have any questions, you can always email

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