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11.28.20 – Rescheduling Obligations

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Rescheduling Obligations

Recently, red flagged trips have been available almost every day. With the upcoming potential for winter weather events, rescheduling for Lineholders and Reserves could occur more frequently. Please look over the rescheduling language in JCBA Section 10.J.

JCBA Section 10.J.3: Rescheduling After Report, but Prior to Sequence Origination

JCBA 10.J.3, which applies to a rescheduling after report but prior to the origination of your first flight, states that once you report for a sequence and the sequence has canceled, or portions of the sequence have canceled, you may be rescheduled. Crew scheduling must advise you of your new flying responsibilities within four (4) hours of your report time or three (3) hours of the known disruption, whichever is later.

JCBA Section 10.J.4: Rescheduling After Origination (Departure of First Flight)

JCBA 10.J.4, which applies to a rescheduling after origination (departure of first flight), states that you will be advised of your remaining duty assignment for that day and for the balance of the sequence within three (3) hours after the disruption is known.

If you are rescheduled, please be aware of the domestic on-duty limitations in actual operations outlined below and in JCBA Section 11.F:

Crew scheduling may contact the number one Flight Attendant or Captain to advise the crew of rescheduled flying. Stay in touch with your crew either by exchanging phone numbers or making sure the number one Flight Attendant is aware of your location.

Important Reminders

JCBA Section 10.V.5 outlines Flight Attendant responsibilities for communicating with crew scheduling, as well as who may reschedule a crew. If you are contacted by crew scheduling with a phone call or voice message, you will need to return the call.

  • A Flight Service Manager or other Flight Service Management member may also meet your flight to advise you of a reschedule or ask you to contact crew scheduling.
  • Gate agents or other Company personnel may advise you that crew scheduling is trying to reach you, but they may not give you rescheduled flying assignments.
  • A Mobile CCI message is not first-party contact but will alert you to changes to your schedule. All rescheduling information must come from the Captain via ACARS message or phone call, a Flight Service Manager or other Flight Service management, or a phone call or voicemail asking you to call crew scheduling or crew tracking.


If you have any questions regarding rescheduling procedures, please reach out to your APFA Base Representatives or the APFA Contract and Scheduling Reps on Duty.

In Solidarity,

Marti McMillan
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Please remember, we have 7,985 involuntarily furloughed Flight Attendants at American Airlines.

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