2.13.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – Updates and Reminders

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Good Day CLT Flight Attendants,

Here are some updates and reminders for the remainder of the month.

  • PBS bidding opens on the 14th and closes on the 18th. There are revised timelinesdue to a delay in the LRD tool opening.
  • Any payouts of vacation during the footprint of a Paid Voluntary Leave of Absence (PVLOA) will be paid on February 16, 2021. Check your pay deposit statements on Jetnet > Money & Attendance > View Your Paycheck for accuracy.
  • There is a training module (1Q2021 Combined Corporate and Flight Service Training) due March 21st. Check your training tab and the Learning Hub for details.
  • New Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) and Extended Leave of Absence-2 (EVLOA-2) options are still open for sign up. Ballots close on February 26th for the VEOP, and the EVLOA-2 closes on March 6th. Ballots can be found on Jetnet > Flight Service > New early out and voluntary leave options
  • We continue to grow our CLT Base e-mail list. If you know anyone who wants their name added to our list, have them send their requests to prclt@apfa.org. Flight attendants can sign up for National Base briefs by going to APFA.org/hotline.

Safety Stats from Your CERS Reports

Each month we examine the safety reports from our base and address areas of concern. We must continue to strive for Safety First, not business as usual!

Fume/Odor Events: 2

Flight Attendants Involved in Fume/Odor Events: 7

  • Taken to hospital: 0


Passengers ill on aircraft: 40  (Possible COVID: 2)

Passenger misconduct on aircraft: 330

  • Mask non-compliance: 228
  • Non-Rev Mask non-compliance: 4
  • Passengers removed: 36
  • Intoxicated: 18
  • Miscellaneous misconduct: 43
  • Passenger Smoking: 5


Passenger Injuries on aircraft: 1

Flight Attendant Injuries on Aircraft: 3

Flight Attendants Ill/Sick on Aircraft

  • Non-Fume Event: 1


Turbulence Events: 2

  • Injuries: 0


Aircraft Mechanical Issues: 2

  • Diversions: 2


Passenger/Live animal removed from aircraft: 7

Passenger Lost/Stolen/Damaged Property: 1

Security Concerns: 1

Possible Passenger Death: 1

Medical Diversions: 3


Don’t forget to complete your Well for Work each month. You can complete this on your tablet or log into aa.comply365.net. You can confirm it has been completed on this site also using the drop-down box under forms.

Employee Parking
Employees will continue to park in the Daily Decks until April 1st. All levels of the EAST DECK will be for employees. Levels 4 and 5 of the West DECK will also be for employees with level 3 as a Flex Deck.

You must now scan your new PAC cards and have a new hanging tag to open the gates. (Hold the card to the yellow indicator at the bottom of the machine) During peak hours an attendant will monitor the gate and check for tags and badges. If you do not have your new scan PAC card, stop by the Flight Service Center to get a new one. You will be asked to turn in the old tags and cards and provide license plate numbers of your vehicles.

There have been some reports of employees arguing with the attendants, please do not argue with them during this transition time. We have also seen where the scanning process has caused a backup of employees trying to get into the deck. If you experience this and receive a late check in as a result, note the time and date and take photos if you can. Send any documentation to prclt@apfa.org.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Feeling stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. This is the most stressful time in the history of the aviation industry. With a global pandemic and trying to process everything going on in our lives, it is quite easy to feel lost and out of control of everything. EAP is here to help and is available by simply calling 817-540-0108, ext. 8701.

APFA > Departments > Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Professional Standards
Have a beef with a co-worker? Call APFA Professional Standards first. The Company continues with issuing discipline for peer-to-peer complaints. Professional Standards offers employees an alternative way to resolve complaints. We work with the other Unions at American Airlines to find solutions outside of the formal discipline channels used by the Company. This program is confidential and provides the employees ways to maintain control over the outcome of the conflicts. Call your local Union Rep first to report a Professional Standards concern at 704-665-7474.

APFA > Departments > Employee Assistance Program (EAP) > Professional Standards

COVID-19 Report Form and Updates
If you are notified of an exposure or test positive for the corona virus, please fill out a COVID-19 Exposure Report Form on APFA.org.

For North Carolina specific COVID information you can visit https://covid19.ncdhhs.govand the find my vaccine group at https://findmygroup.nc.gov/. There are several criteria that may move you up on the list to get a vaccine you can review the groups listed by the state and make your own arrangements if you qualify.

APFA Charlotte is here to assist you when you need us and provide the latest information. The Local Union number is 704-665-7474. APFA National Reps are also available at 817-540-0108.

Take care of yourselves and each other. ~ The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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