Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

4.05.21 – Injured in Turbulence – What Next?

Monday, April 5, 2021

Injured in Turbulence – What Next?

If you sustain an injury due to turbulence, notify the Captain immediately and request the turbulence and injury event be documented. If medical treatment is necessary, it is imperative to let the Captain know as soon as possible.

If you become injured as a result of turbulence, you may be eligible for an Injury on Duty (IOD)

IODs may be filed 24/7 by calling: 844-777-8463

IOD Instructions and Information

A triage nurse from Sedgwick will answer your call. You are NOT required to follow the nurse’s recommendations and are free to seek immediate medical treatment. Advise the nurse if you intend to seek urgent medical care. Not all injuries require immediate medical attention. In the event of a medical emergency, do not wait to speak with a nurse- seek immediate medical attention, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If follow-up care is needed, be sure to talk with your adjuster at Sedgwick.

All Flight Attendants should file a CERS Report.

It is always important to file a CERS report.

The New CERS Report link can be found on your (EFB) tablet or the Flight Service website by clicking on Safety & Security, or you may connect from your mobile device.

New CERS Report

The Company and the APFA EAP recognize the Critical Incident Stress Management Program (CISM) as a collaborative policy which is jointly managed and monitored. CISDs are scheduled for any aircraft accident or serious incident within 24-72 hours following an event and are designed to lessen or avoid the potentially negative impact of a traumatic event.

JCBA Section 34.H.1. – The Company, upon notification of any aircraft accident, serious incident, or hijacking or terrorist incident in which a Flight Attendant is involved shall notify the APFA National President, APFA SSD Coordinator, and APFA EAP Representative. The Manager of Flight Service or her/his designee shall contact the APFA Base President when Flight Attendant(s) assigned to her/his respective base or involved in such incidents, emergency evacuation, or when a Flight Attendant is injured.

c. Serious Incident: An incident with Flight Attendants on board a Company aircraft
involving any of the following:

vi. Turbulence resulting in injuries to crew members or passengers

For more information about turbulence safety, please refer to the Inflight Manual – Safety and Security – General Safety or contact the IOD Department at

In Solidarity,

Bellia Peckson
APFA National IOD Chair

Thomas Houdek
APFA National Safety & Security Chair

Abby Alconcher
APFA National EAP Chair



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