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10.22.21 – APFA Employee Assistance Program

Friday, October 22, 2021

Instructions for a Random Drug Test

We have been receiving many calls expressing concerns about random drug testing procedures. I have written a basic description with hopes that it will alleviate some of your concerns.

When you arrive at the selected testing site, disregard any hours posted on the door. You are required to wait 45 minutes for the tester. Once that time has lapsed, call either the Designated Employee Representative, Bridget Kirshner, at (817) 729-4247, or your base MOD to be released. You must be released from one of the parties listed. Bridget’s name and number are listed on the CCF (Customs Custody Form).

Once your tester arrives, the tester is required to identify themselves properly. If they don’t show ID, you may request identification. With the use of satellite bases, many different facilities may be used. If a public restroom is used, it should be cleared of any other individuals. You should expect a clean and private restroom to complete your test. Do not be alarmed if the restroom is locked behind you. This is done to prevent anyone else from entering.

Once the testing has begun, expect to see a bluing agent in all toilets in the facility, and your ability to access the water faucets will not be available until the end of your test. Your belongings and outer clothing should be left outside of the bathroom stall. These steps are taken to reduce the chances of tampering.

At the time of your test, you will be given a collection container and directed to void at least 45ml of urine. You should be present for the opening of the collection supplies. When you give the tester the container with your urine, it will be temperature checked and visually checked for other proper signs to determine it hasn’t been altered. Remember to keep a visual of your specimen until it is properly sealed.

If you notice any irregularities that are not remedied with your request, call Bridget immediately. It is best to address any issues at the time of your test.

In Solidarity,

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