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4.28.22 – Serving Reserve on a Reserve Availability Period (RAP)

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Serving Reserve on a Reserve Availability Period (RAP)

We have seen a significant uptick in investigations regarding reserves not in position to accept an assignment while on a Reserve Availability Period (RAP). The Company is aggressively enforcing the requirements of JCBA Section 12.H.1. You must be able to report to the airport within two (2) hours/three (3) hours for a co-terminal while serving a RAP.

If you are on Reserve and you have a triggering event such as a TM (no contact, trip missed), a MT (missed trip- you don’t show up), LC (late call out or sick on contact), or a late request of a PO, the Company will conduct a travel audit and compare it to your reserve schedule. They will conduct a 35R investigation. During this investigation, they will pull all your travel benefits history, including past, current AA listings, travel, and other airlines. They will use other evidence to substantiate their claim that a Flight Attendant was not in position to report within the contractual timeline.

We currently have numerous investigations going on across the system regarding this topic. Many of these investigations have resulted in terminations, even after one incident. Since November 2021 alone, we have seen fifty (50) terminations due to the Company determining the Flight Attendant was not in position to report to the airport within 2 or 3 hours while on their RAP.

APFA strongly disagrees with the Company’s decision to terminate Flight Attendants in these situations. Termination is far too extreme, and we have and will challenge each of these terminations. 

If you are on Reserve or plan to bid on to Reserve, please familiarize yourself with the language in JCBA section 12.H.1., and pages 10 and 14 of the AA Flight Attendant Attendance and Performance Program, which can be located on Jetnet>Departments>Flight Service (Helpful Links):

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