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5.10.22 – COVID Vaccination/Booster Requirement to Fly Doha, Qatar

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

COVID Vaccination/Booster Requirement to Fly Doha, Qatar

The Company recently informed APFA there will be a COVID vaccination requirement to fly the upcoming JFK – Doha, Qatar (DOH) route. The mandate for Qatar goes a step further than what has been required to enter other destinations with vaccination requirements. Depending on when you received your initial vaccine, you may also be required to have a booster shot in order to fly the trip.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your initial full vaccination must have been within the last 9 months,


  • If you have a booster, your most recent dose must have been within the last 12 months

If your most recent vaccine or booster dose was not within the applicable 9- or 12-month timeframe, you will not be able to fly the trip. We encourage you to get a booster and submit verification to the company if you want to be eligible to fly DOH.

How do I know if my vaccination status meets the required timeframe?

If you are eligible to fly DOH, the date of your most recent vaccine/booster dose will be recorded in FOS using a visa template. You will have a “visa” entry for Qatar on your HI9 in DECS. The expiration date will reflect when your eligibility to fly to DOH expires. You will only be eligible to fly DOH trips that are scheduled to terminate no later than the expiration date listed.

How do I submit verification of my booster shot?

You may submit booster verification through this company website: If you have already submitted proof of initial vaccination, you will still need to submit a separate verification for your booster shot. See the recent Company Communication for more detailed information on vaccine and booster submissions.

What does this mean for PBS bidding?

If you are not eligible to fly to DOH, you should not bid the trip in PBS. The company has stated that verification of vaccination or booster within the 9- or 12-month timeframe must be submitted by the close of PBS bidding at 1200 CT on May 15th, 2022, in order for you to receive a final June PBS award containing DOH trips. If you have already submitted proof of vaccination/booster and the DOH trips you are bidding fall within the above-mentioned timeframe, you do not need to do anything else.

What does this mean for ETB, TTS/UBL and ROTA/D?

If you are not eligible to fly to Qatar, you will not be able to pick up, trade or be awarded/assigned a trip to DOH.

Can I submit verification of booster after May 15th?

You may submit verification at any point going forward. However, if your most recent dose is not within the timeframe mentioned above you will not be able to fly DOH until you submit verification of a booster shot.

Will there be a required pre-departure COVID test?

Crew members flying to DOH will be required to have a negative PCR test result prior to departure. The company will provide testing at JFK and you will be eligible for an hour of flight pay if you meet the terms of the Letter of Agreement (LOA) signed last year.

Do I need to carry my vaccination card with me to DOH?

While in Qatar you may be required to show your original vaccination card substantiating your most recent dose. You should get in the habit of carrying your original vaccination card with you when flying.

Is the Company requiring all Flight Attendants to get a booster?

Getting a booster shot and submitting verification are voluntary. The vaccination/booster requirement as described in this hotline is for entry into Qatar only. If your vaccination/booster status does not meet the 9- or 12-month timeframe, it simply means you will not be permitted to fly the DOH trip.

Will I be pay protected if I am unable to fly a DOH trip because I am not eligible per the criteria listed above?

The Company has not agreed to pay protections for removals related to vaccination verification or status.

What else do I need to know about the DOH trip?

The company will be providing detailed guidance on any additional requirements, including cultural awareness while in Qatar. We encourage you to carefully review this information so you are prepared for travel to this new destination.

Why is this hotline going out nationally, and not just to the New York base?

While JFK-DOH is on the New York bidsheet, it is possible positions on the DOH trip may occasionally be sent to other bases to cover through UBL or ROTA/D. We want all Flight Attendants to be aware of the requirements to enter Qatar. Additionally, other countries could implement a similar booster requirement in the future, so we recommend submitting verification now.

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