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Legislative History


Service and Emotional Support Animals: Bill introduced that establishes standards and requires training for transport of animals in the passenger cabin.

Cabin Seat Size: Bill introduced to examine seat size on airplanes. Evacuation safety, health, security (air rage) are a growing issue for Flight Attendants. APFA provides testimony at the FAA.

Fumes and Toxic Air in the Cabin: Bill introduced to regulate and measure bleed air and fumes in cabin aircraft.


Voice Call Banned: The FAA announces that voice calls will be banned on all U.S commercial flights.


Flight Attendant Fatigue. After years of studies, unions gain lawmakers support in addressing Flight Attendant fatigue.


Voice Calls on Planes: Unions convince lawmakers to file legislation to keep voice calls off of planes. APFA provides testimony at the FAA.

APFA is appointed to the Air Carrier Training Aviation Rule Committee (ACT ARC)


Flight Attendants Gain OSHA Protections. After 14 long years, the FAA bill contains language that designates the aircraft cabin as a work environment and under of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the FAA.

No Knives on Planes! Through Flight Attendant legislative efforts we are able to convince TSA to reverse this ill-advised plan to allow knives back on board our aircraft.

Pensions in Bankruptcy: APFA, along with the other unions, save pensions from termination and being turned over to the PBGC for LAA FAs during bankruptcy.


Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Technical Corrections Bill is passed. It guarantees crewmembers are now able to qualify for time off work. The original bill did not provide for our unique hourly pay structures.
Flight Attendant Classification: The Department of Labor reclassifies Flight Attendants from “personal care providers” to “essential transportation workers,” the same classification assigned to pilots and air traffic controllers.


Flight Attendant Certification: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recognizes Flight Attendants as onboard safety professionals, validating our role in public safety and as aviation security professionals.


Penalties for Air Rage: Fines are increased from $1,200 up to $25,000 for air rage attacks by passengers against Flight Attendants.


Smoking is Banned. Largely due to Flight Attendant efforts, smoking is banned on all commercial aircraft.


Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Allows women to return to work without losing their jobs. Flight Attendants had previously been unfairly discharged.


Sex Discrimination Against Men. The law covering Title VII was changed to allow the hiring of male Flight Attendants, striking down sex discrimination.


Flight Attendants as Pioneers. It is widely recognized that Flight Attendants led the charge in addressing workplace discrimination. Following the Age Discrimination Act of 1967, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces the ruling that bans age (aka Rule 32) and marriage discrimination against stewardesses.

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