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Thursday, March 12, 2020

President Trump Suspends Foreign National Travel from the Schengen Area Countries
APFA National President Lori Bassani’s Letter to the Membership:

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,

The announcement by the President last night of the 30-day travel suspension from the Schengen Area countries understandably creates questions and major concern for all Aviation workers.

“The travel restriction applies to foreign nationals who have been in 26 European countries with open borders agreements, in the last 14 days. Those exempt from these restrictions, such as U.S. citizens, will be directed to limited airports where screening can take place.”—-The White House (March 11, 2020)

This travel ban excludes the United Kingdom (England/Ireland). It also does not extend to U. S. citizens or their immediate family members or legal permanent residents.

As you are aware, we have been in close communication with management  throughout this crisis. What we know now is that our schedule will remain intact today and flights to/from the Schengen Area countries will operate through Friday, March 13.  While our planes are not restricted from flying these routes, we can expect reduction in customer bookings and an increase in cancellations, further impacting our flying schedules and adding to the uncertainty surrounding this situation.

APFA’s Union leadership will join a teleconference today for updates on the impact this ban will have on our flying schedules and our airlines’ plans moving forward. We are simultaneously working on options for extended leaves for our members, pay protections and ways to minimize impact on our jobs. Please go to https://www.apfa.org/coronavirus-updates/ on our APFA website for the latest coronavirus updates.

To read Lori’s entire letter, click the link:



National Officers-Elect

On Monday, March 9, 2020, the National Ballot Committee certified the results for the National Officer Runoff Election. The newly-elected National Officers are:
Julie Hedrick, National President
Larry Salas, National Vice President
Josh Black, National Secretary
Erik Harris, National Treasurer<

The newly elected National Officers will take office Wednesday, April 1, 2020, with a 4-year term ending on March 31, 2024.


Phoenix Now Has FAIR Group!

The APFA EAP Department is excited to announce that Phoenix hosted its first successful FAIR meeting yesterday!

The FAIR program now has a track record of successfully supporting Flight Attendants in recovery in ORD, LAX, MIA, LGA, DCA and PHL!!  As for the rest of this year 2020, we are only budgeted to launch one more FAIR base and that will be DFW.  Please know that we are very excited to have been able to launch FAIR at these bases and hope to continue more next year.

Flight Attendants have unique occupational challenges. Flight Attendants have a greater chance of sustained sobriety when they take ownership of their recovery, understand our unique workplace obstacles and have tools to cope with those obstacles.  Who knows better what the challenges are and how to acquire recovery techniques/principals than Flight Attendants already in stable recovery?

FAIR is part of the APFA EAP department, the sole purpose is as a peer support group and members adhere to strict confidentiality requirements. We meet once a month and encourage members to attend these meetings in conjunction with their other recovery / aftercare meetings. Each group is facilitated by the APFA EAP representative and may be co-facilitated by an Optum EAP Manager or other certified / licensed substance abuse / mental health practitioner. This group is a support group, there is no attendance, notes etc. it is strictly voluntary and confidential.

If interested in attending a meeting at one of these bases, please contact:

APFA FAIR National Coordinator: HEIDI SAKACS eap2@apfa.org

Call APFA EAP at (817) 540-0108 extension 8701 or email us at fair@apfa.org


Multi-Billion Dollar Economic Aid

The Coronavirus is front and center in Washington. Speaker Pelosi, as expected, introduced and passed a multi-billion dollar economic aid package late last night. It passed largely along party lines. Pelosi, who has been in discussions with Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin, was hoping for bi-partisan support but that did not happen on its initial passage. Key provisions include 3 weeks guaranteed sick leave for hourly and gig workers, additional funds for food assistance and expanded unemployment insurance support. Negotiations are continuing all day today and some are still helpful that a compromise Bill can be agreed upon and passed prior to the House and Senate going out on recess. The Republican leader of the House has called to postpone the scheduled recess until a compromise is reached.

All air carriers are feeling the devastating threat from the pandemic as flights are being cut and revenue and profit projections are being revised downward. Discussions have been underway to craft emergency support legislation not unlike the legislation  passed after the tragedy of 9/11. We will be watching carefully to see that any proposed legislation is responsive to Flight Attendants and other workers’ needs and that it is not simply a bailout for the executives and the stockholders. We are all in this together.


Workers’ Compensation

Sedgwick administers Injury on Duty claims with applicable Workers’ Compensation laws for the state in which the injured worker is based. Rules vary by state. All claims are administered and subject to approval by the company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier Sedgwick.

How am I paid while on an IOD?

A Flight Attendant who becomes sick or injured as a result of an occupational injury or illness shall receive Workers’ Compensation benefits by individual State laws providing the claim is compensable.



Generic UBL – Midnight Sequences

The Midnight Sequences criteria is required for sequences originating between 0000-0159. This information is explained in the TTS Guide on Crew Change.


April Retirement Seminars:

  • April 29th – DCA – 1100-1400 – Hub Gathering Room, Center Pier (next to Flight Service)
  • April  30th – ORD – 1100-1400  – West Conference Room (above ticket counter)

Seminars cover a wide range of topics, including: Retiree Travel, 401(k), Pensions, COBRA, and Medicare.

Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants: Download a pension estimate from the Pension Service Center page on Jetnet.

Legacy US Airways Flight Attendants: Request a copy of their pension estimate from the PBGC by calling 800-400-7242.

Members unable to attend the seminars are always welcome to watch the retirement webinar series available on the APFA Retirement Page, as well as download the Good Slide! retirement handout.

More Seminars are in the works, stay tuned! Everyone is welcome regardless of base or seniority – no need to RSVP.

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement.


Last Sequence/Last Series (JCBA 10.L) Removal Code

Have you seen a LS removal code on your Activity Sheet (HI1) and wonder what is?

JCBA 10.L pay protects for a last sequence or last series of sequences. Anything with a LS removal code is pay protected under the JCBA with no obligation.  Your last sequence or last series of sequences can be anywhere within the month depending on your schedule.  Last Sequence/Last Series is only applicable one time per month.  Once triggered, any sequence you pick up after the LS/LS sequence that experienced a disruption would fall under regular pay protections if applicable.

What is the difference between last sequence and last series?
Last sequence is the last sequence you have on your schedule.
Last series is multiple sequences back to back without a calendar day off in between sequences.

How do you know what sequence(s) is considered your last sequence or last series?
You will see at the bottom of the header of your HI1 a LAST followed by a sequence number for last sequence or a LAST followed by a couple/few sequence numbers for last series.

Example HI1 of Last Sequence:

TTL SK USED 0.00 SK M/U 0.00  SK M/U MTD 0.00
LAST   24816/15      Indicates Sequence/date of sequence

Example HI1of Last Series:

TTL SK USED 1374.14 SK M/U 0.00  SK M/U MTD 0.00
LAST   778/20   785/23   778/26   779/29    Indicates Sequences/dates of sequences

Helpful Hint:  Once Last Sequence or Last Series is triggered you will see the LAST changed to LOCK

TTL SK USED 1374.14 SK M/U 0.00  SK M/U MTD 0.00
LOCK   778/20    785/23    778/26    779/29    Indicates Sequences/dates of sequences  

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