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9.16.20 – APFA EAP Hotline: Managing Change in a Time of Uncertainty

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Managing Change in a Time of Uncertainty

Uncertainty, by its nature, is stressful. We are built to be cautious of change. The changes brought by COVID-19 have caused emotional pain to most of us in the airline industry. Just the amount of life-changing decisions we have had to make in the past months has caused tremendous suffering and self-doubt.

Whether you decided to continue to fly, take a leave, retire early or are soon to be furloughed, our lives have changed in dramatic ways that we could not have imagined a few months ago.

As Flight Attendants, we adapt pretty well to the joys, frustrations, and sorrows our work life can bring, and we often grow stronger for the experience. That is called resilience.

Resilience is what helps us withstand the storms of tough times. It allows us to keep a positive outlook even in the darkest of days.

Change is inevitable, and most change is out of our control. Finding ways to roll with the changes and not worry about the things we cannot control frees us up to solve problems on the things we can control.

So how do we roll with the changes and maintain a positive outlook even when the decisions to be made aren’t the choices we want to make?

  • Find a way to accept the change even when none of the choices will put your life back to where it was.
  • Get the facts from the Company and Union by frequently checking in with CCI messages, town hall meetings and emails.
  • Ask for help and allow your support network to be there for you.
  • Invest in your own self-care by getting enough sleep, exercise and healthy food.
  • Don’t let this crisis define you. Find meaning a purpose in life through activities that are meaningful and satisfying to you.
  • Stay motivated and solve one problem at a time. A path forward will become clear.
  • Find things to be grateful for.
  • Check in and be there for your colleagues. They need support too.
  • Reach out to our union EAP and AA/APFA CIRT team. Do not hesitate to call for support.


In Solidarity,

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