7.02.21 – Reserve to Lineholder Month-to-Month Integration Issues

Friday, July 2, 2021

Reserve to Lineholder Month-to-Month Integration Issues

We are receiving reports from Flight Attendants serving reserve in June that were assigned sequences into July that conflicted with their lineholder trips. In some instances, Crew Scheduling is violating the contract and forcing people to split back onto trips they were illegal to originate. Below is an example of what the Company cannot do.

JCBA Section 12.Q.1 & 10.K.1: Reserve to Lineholder Month to Month Integration and Illegal Through No Fault


JCBA Section 12.Q.1, which applies to Reserve Flight Attendants being assigned a sequence that goes into their lineholder month, states that a Reserve will operate the sequence in its entirety and will be pay protected for any hours lost as a result. That section then points to JCBA 10.K.1 for Illegal Through No Fault language, which states that the Flight Attendant shall have the option to be split on at the point the sequence passes through their crew base or where they become legal.

Example #1: I was on reserve in June and was available for the last five days of the month. I held July 2nd off and had a three-day trip on the 3rd. Crew Scheduling assigned me a two-day trip on my last day of reserve that created a seven-day legality and made me illegal to originate the three-day trip on the 3rd. Crew Scheduling split me onto the trip and had me deadheading on the 4th to catch up to the remainder of my sequence. I don’t want to be split back on the trip. Can they make me work the rest of the trip?

No. JCBA 10.K. states that you have the option to be split on if you don’t want to lose the hours. If you choose not to be split on, you will be pay protected for the portion of the sequence you were illegal to fly.

Example #2: I arrive in late Friday night from my sequence and am FAR illegal for my trip on Saturday and Sunday CLT-LAX <RON> LAX-CLT.  Can they split me onto day two of the trip?

No. Per JCBA 10.K.1, it is impractical to deadhead you to split back onto the trip because another Flight Attendant has been assigned to the sequence. You are pay protected for the sequence.

If you are being forced to split onto the remainder of a sequence for which you were illegal to originate, please reach out to your APFA Representative immediately for assistance.

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