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2.07.22 – Substance Use: We’re Here to Help

Monday, February 7, 2022

Substance Use: We’re Here to Help

Our APFA EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and FADAP (Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program) can reach those that need care. The difficulties everyone has endured since this pandemic began are great, and the difficulties sometimes seem insurmountable. We are here to offer assistance. We are seeing a number of Flight Attendants missing their trips, both at report and mid-sequence, placing their employment in jeopardy.

As with everything in life, the job and things will get better. We want you to have a job when that happens. Please reach out and let us know how we can best serve you.

EAP: 817-540-0108 ext. 8701
FADAP: 855-333-2327

Steps to Assist an Impaired Flight Attendant

  • Assess: What do you see, smell, hear and observe?
  • Ask coworkers for their observations.
    • If nothing: Monitor Flight Attendant.
    • If yes: Do not allow Flight Attendant to perform safety-sensitive job.
  • Two or more Flight Attendants approach Flight Attendant and state your concerns.
    • Be direct and honest.
  • Tell Flight Attendant to sit in a passenger seat. Do not allow Flight Attendant to occupy jumpseat.
    • Inform them that you will be notifying flight deck of the situation.
  • Inform/ coordinate with flight deck.
  • Ask Flight Attendant to call in sick.
    • Call APFA EAP at 817-540-0108 ext. 8701 for follow-up assistance.
  • DOT regulations and policies prohibit the use of mood-altering substances. Usage may result in termination.
  • Follow up with APFA EAP.


In Solidarity,

Sharon Dunn
APFA National EAP Specialist

Deb McCormick
Project Coordinator, FADAP

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Euless, Texas 76040

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Fax: (817) 540-2077


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