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Take ACTION, standing shoulder to shoulder to support our Negotiating Committee and OUR Contract.

Contract ACTION 1

In the past, the Union’s Negotiating Committee met with Management, they reached a Tentative Agreement (TA), and the membership voted whether to accept or reject the TA.

Often communication was vague or non-existent until it was time to either take a strike vote or put the TA out for a vote.

Times have changed, and so has APFA’s approach to achieving a Contract that addresses our ongoing sacrifice and commitment to our profession and the airline.

No longer will your Union ask you to wait on the sidelines with minimal information.

No longer will your Union ask you to wait until the 11th hour before we are asked to show our solidarity.

No longer will your Union ask that your voices be silent in the bargaining room.

This is a call to ACTION for all American Airlines Flight Attendants.

The Contract ACTION Team is American Airlines Flight Attendants. The ACTION Team will engage in various activities at the direction of the Negotiating Committee, ranging from the digital, base, regional, and systemwide ACTIONS. We will also be linking arms with other labor Unions at our airline as well as other carriers.

We will have “boots on the ground” as well as an extensive digital presence.

The Negotiating Committee will call on all of us to help drive the message on complex issues for Management to digest. All of us will help Management understand why it is important for US to have the Contract we all deserve. We deserve a Contract that considers the sacrifices we have made with our merger and while working the front lines during this dangerous worldwide pandemic. We watched our co-workers get sick and die while wondering if we were carrying the virus home to our loved ones. Furloughs, monthly schedules packed with extensive flying, reschedules, and reduced rest. We were on the front lines lobbying for the Payroll Support Program (PSP) that helped keep us connected to our paychecks and benefits. We lobbied for the PSP to help keep American Airlines flying.

We do not want to hear about cost containment, increased productivity by weakening work rules or less benefits while management is offering recruitment bonuses to Pilots who are not even on American Airlines’ payroll.

Let us come together for a common goal to get the Contract WE all deserve.

Let's send a clear message to management that we will take ACTION, standing shoulder to shoulder to support our Negotiating Committee and OUR Contract.

We Need You. Join as an Activist for the Contract ACTION Team.

Contract ACTION Hotlines

5.20.22 – Contract ACTION Team Meeting: Meet the Negotiators

Friday, May 20, 2022 Contract ACTION Team Meeting: Meet the Negotiators Dear Contract ACTION Team Member, Things are heating up in negotiations, and we want to make sure you are connected to our APFA Negotiating Team as they continue to fight for you at the table. As a member of the Contract ACTION Team, we…

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3.22.22 – APFA Contract ACTION Team Update – Tuesday, March 22, 2022

You must be logged in to access this content.If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact our Membership team at In

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3.22.22 – APFA Contract ACTION Team – PHL Update

Tuesday, March 22,  2022 PHL Contract ACTION Team Members, Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, the dates of the PHL pinning campaign have been moved to April 13 and 14. We hope that you will be able to join us on those days at PHL airport! If interested, please sign up at: In Solidarity, The…

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11.21.21 – APFA Contract ACTION Team Update – Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday, November 21, 2021 Where Are We Now  Contract Survey Activists Handouts  APFA Pin Bag Tag Newest Generation   WHERE ARE WE NOW? The past few weeks we have been flying and talking with our co-workers. To date, our Activist List is growing, however; it needs to grow even more. As the hotlines from our…

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11.10.21 – November 2021 APFA Negotiations Survey Opens at 1200CST

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 The November 2021 Negotiations Survey is uploaded to the APFA website and the hotline below is scheduled to go out within the hour. This is where our work begins and will continue throughout negotiations until we reach a Tentative Agreement and then finally a ratification vote. It is vitally important that ALL…

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10.15.21 – Contract ACTION Team Update – Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday, October 15, 2021 What does it mean to be an Activist? Simply put, it is a practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action. As Activists for the Contract ACTION Team, you will be a direct link between the general membership and our Negotiations Committee. You will be tasked with talking to your flying partners about…

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